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Die for pasta sheet width mm. 250 with adjustable thickness. Shipment to your door and T.V.A. are INCLUDED !

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A few words: 


How can we offer such low prices ?

  1. We MANUFACTURE this item. 
  2. In our mechanical workshops we have the latest generation of machine tools, some of them working without operators. 
  3. All this allows us to maintain a very high quality of the products and, at the same time, to keep very low costs; we share our profit with you !

How do I buy this item ?


  1. You must be a PASTA MANUFACTURER (or anyway the real user) and own the machine where this item has to be placed. We do not sell to salesmen, agents, middlemen or any other person which will speculate by reselling this item. Check the right insertion of your company with our app gpspasta !
  2. Click on "Buy now !" and purchase the item, by paying it with a Vista, Mastercard or Amex credit card, on a secure SSL server.
  3. The item will be sent immediately and a tracking number will be provided.

This is a NEW die, outside diameter mm. 109, that can be used onto the following pasta extruders:

  • Dalla e Vittorelli
  • Dreherei
  • Edelweiss tr110
  • Italgi P35
  • Italgi P35A
  • Italgi Combimax
  • LB Italia Florida 110
  • LB Italia Florida 110 DV
  • La Parmigiana D55
  • La Parmigiana D55 DV
  • Pama Roma P/25
  • Pama Roma P/30
  • Penta Engineering Florida 110
  • Penta Engineering Florida 110 DV
  • Sandorè MX40
  • Sirman Sirpasta Maxi

It produces one sheet of pasta width mm. 250 with adjustable thickness; then it can be used both for getting pasta sheet at a fixed thickness (for making lasagne, cannelloni, etc.), and for getting pasta rollers for feeding other forming machines (ravioli, cappelletti, tortellini machines, etc.).


This die is CE and USDA approved and is guaranteed 12 months.

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Die for pasta sheet width mm. 250 with adjustable thickness. Shipment to your door and T.V.A. are INCLUDED !

Buy direct from the mechanical workshop MANUFACTURING these items !